Allow Business users to review, download and email Agreement PDFs

Use Scenario

Many times club operators need to review and possibly re-share or send a signed agreement to a client for reference.

Use Case

As a club operator, I need to access, print, review, and re-email a client's signed agreement, so that I can re-share and verify the signed contract. 

Instructions for use

1. Business users may navigate to Core> Clients> (select a client with packages or memberships)> Client Information tab. Scroll down to the Policy and Agreements section.

Click on the eyeball to see the Agreement and signature and an option to download locally the PDF. 



2. An alternative viewing option is in Core> Clients> Payments tab> Memberships tab, then select a membership to view via the eyeball icon:

On the Recurring Payment Detail page, you will have 2 new options. 

a. Click the hammer icon to review the Agreement and signature as well as...


b. Click the airplane icon to email to the client a pdf copy. 



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