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Enabling and Opening/Closing the Cash Drawer
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For any cash payments or sites that use a cash drawer, you can enable the ‘Cash Drawer’ as an option for tracking cash.

  1. The Cash Drawer is enabled under Account Settings > Configuration > Business Profile > Enable Cash Drawer


  2. Once enabled the Cash Drawer selection will become visible under the Payments Tab in the Home Dashboard

  3. Open the drawer by selecting the ‘Open Drawer’ button

  4. Enter the Starting Cash amount and select ‘Open Drawer’

  5. The date and time that the Draw Opened will be logged and appear in the top right hand corner

  6. Cash Drawer transaction history can be downloaded at any point throughout the day

  7. At the end of the day return back to Payments Tab > Cash Drawer in the Home Dashboard

  8. Select ‘End Drawer’ button
  9. Input Actual amount in the drawer
  10. Select ‘Close Drawer’ button to close the drawer

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