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Room Resource Configuration & Spot Selection
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You can greatly improve your member’s branded experience by giving them the choice of selecting their position within a class, during the booking process. 


Members can choose positions near friends, away from fans or speakers, or near/away from data screens. This article outlines the process to enable Room Resource Capabilities and how to configure the layout of spots in the room.




Description of Room Resources


Room resources are assets such as spin bikes, rowers, reformer beds, heavy boxing bags, etc with positioning to represent their location in the class.


There are many names for this such as spot selection, spot position, spot scheduling and room resource configuration.



Create Room Maps


When adding resource maps to your studio, you must add a picture outlining the room.


The best pictures are often a designer’s image of the room with reference points such as pillars, speakers, fans, windows, doors and the instructor's position (if relevant - for example in a cycle class booking)

Example of a Room Map


How to upload a Room Map in the Hapana Core Platform. 


Steps to complete:

  1. In the top right corner of your CORE system login, click on location name to see the drop-down list and select Edit Profile.
  2. Select Room Resource Configuration on the left-hand side.
  3. Select the plus ( + ) icon to add a new room resource configuration.
    • If your room resource configurations are already created, you can click on the pencil icon to edit.
  4. The screen will show Room Map where you click on Choose FilePicture_4.png

  5. Navigate to the folder of your map and select the room picture and ensure the full image fits in the window.Picture_5.png
  6. Begin clicking in the open areas to set the spot positions. 
    • The default spots are squares at 25 x 25.
    • Consider rows and spacing between the spots in the same row.
    • Adjust the dimension settings to change the shape. Such as 75 x 25, or 25x 75 to set the shape as horizontal or vertical to suit the room.
  7. Remember to add a Layout Name and Save!
    • After setting the positions, enter the Layout Name such as Mat 30 for a mat pilates class with 30 positions, or Peloton 26 for spin room “Peloton” with 26 positions. 
    • Some clubs use the same name of the room if the layout does not change.




Final Steps:  Connecting Room Resource Maps to Rooms and Enable Class Templates with Room Resources

  1. The final step to enable spot selection is to connect the Room Maps to the Rooms.

  1. To add a room resource to a room go to Edit Profile > Location

  1. Select the location

  1. Click on the room

  1. Enable the toggle to “ON” to the Assign Room Resource Booking option.Picture_8.pngPicture_9.pngPicture_10.png


  1. Review the Class Templates to ensure the Room Resource Configuration is enabled with the correct name selected for the specific class template.Picture_11.png


Here is what it looks like in the member experience


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