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Rooms as a Resource for Scheduling
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Clubs want to align rooms as a resource in conjunction with sessions/classes. These rooms need to be a bookable resource, similar to Instructors, and their time on the calendar needs to be blocked out when they are selected in class and session setup.

Use Case

As a team member, I need to select and book a room resource when creating session/classes, so that space is not used or booked by another session or trainer.

As a team member, I need to be able to review room calendar/schedules for availability just as I do for instructor and team schedules


Instructions for use

Business user can navigate to Dashboard > Business Name Dropdown > Edit Profile >


 Click on Location in the left menu and then the pencil icon to reveal Edit Location



Click Add Room button.



Here the user can:

  • Define the Room Name.
    • the description of the room, like Massage Room 1, or Cycle Room.
  • Configure if Assign Room Resource Booking is required.
    • Selecting a Resource Booking configuration attaches spot and place reservation mapping to the room resource for bookings. Room Resource configuration Is located in Dashboard > Business Name dropdown > Edit Profile > Room Resource Configuration
  • Configure which days and times of the week the room is available in your Schedule, as a bookable resource.
    • Rooms with no configured times and days will not display in the Schedule or be book-able.
  • Configure if this room as a resource Allow Overlapping Sessions with more than one booking per the time of the session.

Note: Existing rooms in your database may be updated with these new properties, no need to add them all again.

Once configured, Team members will be able to review Room availability and book sessions into them in the Dashboard > Schedule. The new Room View is added as a gear option within Schedule:




Selecting the gear option for Room View as this will present just the Rooms’ Schedule:


The new filters options on the Month and Week views allow for very specific instructor, room and session type filtration. Make your selection in the drop downs and click Apply.



Business users can now book into rooms via Schedule by clicking into an available space on the calendar and designating the room as a resource for the session.

Templates selected that already have the room pre-designated will pre-fill the Room value.


 Selecting an open time slot in the Room View will also pre-fill the session template as you have requested the system create a session in that resource’s open time slot:



Room View will contain all your rooms as a resource as they have a schedule, but you may want to keep the view clean and hide those rooms that have no current sessions. If so, this configuration will allow you to do so.

Dashboard > Business Name Dropdown Account Settings > Configuration > Business Profile > default will be set to NO so that all room display even with no sessions booked. Set to YES to hide unbooked rooms. 



Rooms as a Resource: 

Rooms as resource may continue to be used as they are, without a Schedule and Booking component. However, if you add hours and days of availability to their configuration, they become a resource for your sessions to book into physical spacing in your facilities.  Their attributes are much the same as your team members as Personal Trainers and Instructor who carry a schedule in the application and can then be booked and managed as a resource.

When you attach a room to a class session that session will then assume that time in the room’s calendar schedule and prevent overlapping bookings for that space or resource, unless specified to allow in the room configurations described above. Note: You will be alerted if you attempt to create a session with a room that overlaps with another session, if the specific room in question isn't configured for overlapping sessions.


Both the client and business views of the session schedule will now display the room resource for easy recall:



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