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Split Payment Method for a Session
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Use Scenario

As a business you may be expected to allow clients to pay for an invoice with more than one form of payment. As a new feature we have developed the Split Pay in Session Detail, for that very purpose.


Use Case

As a business owner, I need to allow my clients to pay for a session with more that one form of payment.

As a client, I need to split the payment for services between cash, card and cheque.

Instructions for use

In the Hapana Core dashboard, navigate to the Schedule > Calendar view. Select a current session or create a session that has a drop-in price. Add a client that does not have available credits for the session.


It should look like this:





How to pay using Split Payment.

Click the shopping cart icon next to the client that needs to pay.

The system will display a new checkout screen with options for multiple payment options.



  1. Select as many of the Payment Methods you require to split the payment.

    1. This will add a row where you can then enter the $ amount for each payment type and hit the TAB key or click outside of the input box.

  2. The Balance due will continue to display and decrease until you have entered a total value equal to the Amount Total.

    1. Continuing from the example above, here we are going to use the $20 of Account credit, $20 will be charge to the client’s credit card and we need to then type $10 into cash to balance the payment to $0 remaining. 

  3. This will allow the Checkout button to be clickable. Click Checkout to complete the sale. mceclip3.png

  4. If the sum of all payment methods is greater than the total balance due, the system will display a negative amount for Balance Amount. You will need to correctly type in the amount to not exceed the balance and make it $0.00.



  5. A successful transaction of Split Payment will be displayed like this:





How to early cancel and refund a session purchase that is Split Pay

  1. The session cancel icon and workflow remains the same. Click the trash can icon and select a reason for the early cancel.mceclip6.png

    The client will be refunded via the exact payment methods used to pay in the exact amounts paid.

  2. Both the client Payment Log and the Retail dashboard will list the split payments as refunded


  3. All transaction details will also display split payments and refunds.

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