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Creating, Sharing and Selling Programs
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To create a program, navigate to the Clients Profile Page > Programs. Select "Create Program" in the top right hand corner.



Add a photo, a title and any notes you would like to appear at the top of the program here.

You can also choose the program type: Strength, Cardio or a Goal.

When you are done entering the details, click "Next".

You will be directed to an easy to use program form, complete with a Warm Up, Workout and Cool Down section. Both cardio and strength exercises can be added here as well as notes and video links for any exercise demonstrations.


Once you have completed the program, select "Save" in the bottom right corner, to apply changes. Once complete the follow message should appear on your screen. Your Program Has Been Successfully Created!
(Note: If you selected "Goal", you will be directed to the "Send Program" Section. See Sharing A Program below on how to proceed.)





You will be directed to the Program Library.

Find the program you wish to send to your client and select "Send To Client"



You can send to multiple clients or groups by selecting them from the list and clicking "Send".


Once sent, you are able to confirm whether a client has received the program in the Client Program Log. You are also able to view or edit the program if need be.






To sell a program, simply create a Single Payment within the New Sale window and name it after your program. Select the clients who you wish to send the program to and Voila!

(Note: If you want your client to pay for a program before they receive it, remember to send the payment request before sharing the program)


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