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Session Feedback in the Branded App
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- As a client, I want to be able to provide feedback about my experience in sessions and with the coaches to ensure the service I am paying for is meeting my expectations. I also appreciate having a voice that is listened to, within my gym community. 


- As a club owner, I want to gather feedback and ratings about my coaches/instructors/staff members and their classes to ensure the right coaches are being rewarded for excellent performance, the client’s are having a good experience and therefore, want to come back and also want to refer our services on to their friends and family.

Hapana knows how valuable it is to receive consistent feedback from client’s to ensure your business is always improving. As such, we have created an in-app Session Feedback function. The new Session Feedback functions allows clients/members to give ratings and written feedback on all sessions configured within the app. 


Instructions for use

Step 1 | Configuration of feedback form
See the step by step guide below.

Step 2 | Enabling session feedback forms within schedule templates
See the step by step guide below. 

Step 3 | In APP experience

With the above configurations set, your clients and members will experience the below in your branded app, after the completion of their sessions. Client’s will be able to provide feedback for any session that they are marked Attended for, when the feedback form is enabled for the session. Feedback forms are available for submission up to seven days after the completion of the class. 



Instruct your clients to navigate in the app to MORE > Profile > Visit History. For classes configured for session feedback, the Rate session button will appear. 



Once all questions are answered, simply press Send Feedback and the below confirmation message will appear. This confirms that the responses have been successfully logged within the core system. 




Once feedback has been submitted, the session that the feedback was completed for will show a green tick, within the member's app. 




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