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Group Filtering when Bulk Cancelling Future Transactions
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Use Scenario

For various reasons, businesses will need to cancel upcoming invoice transactions, in bulk. As such we have responded with a utility that will allow Administrator level roles to access a new Bulk Cancel Future Transactions feature.  We have enhanced the Bulk Cancel Transactions feature with a Groups Filter allowing administrators the ability to include or exclude clients assigned to various groups.


Use Case

- As an administrator I need to filter the clients by Group assignment for inclusion or exclusion in the Bulk Cancel Transactions function.

- As a business owner, I need to cancel upcoming transactions for a large number of specific clients so that they do not get billed whilst the business is closed. 

- As a business owner I need to select by date range the client transactions that I wish to cancel in bulk.

Instructions for Use

Before utilising the below step by step guide you need to ensure you have your client groups set up in the Core Dashboard. For a step by step guide on how to do this click here. 


Users with Administrative access may navigate to Payments Retail Dashboard Bulk Edit Future Transactions

Select Filter Type: Only or Exclude

  • Only will bring the list of clients only included in the selected Group. 
  • Exclude will bring a list of clients in all other groups except for the selected excluded group. 

    Once you have selected your Groups for inclusion or exclusion, click the View Details button to populate the list



Users may then select ALL or select individual clients in the list that will be included in the bulk cancel process. Users will also have easy access to look at the client’s Recurring Payments Details by clicking the eye icon on the right side of the list

To execute the cancellation process, simple click the Cancel and Download CSV button on the bottom right of the list
The system will present a confirmation popup for the user to confirm cancellation. Once cancellation is confirmed, the file will automatically download to your device. Please take the time to review and save the .csv Audit report as this is your evidence of the clients included in the bulk cancel process.

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