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Anonymisation of demographical/biographical client data within Core
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If a client requests the deletion of their account, including stored data, businesses can use the below steps to delete and anonymise all demographic and biographical data. 

1. Once logged into your Hapana Core Account - Select Clients from the top menu bar.
2. Use the search bar to select the desired client by name, email address or phone number 

3. Navigate to the 'i' icon (Client Information) within the client profile
4. Scroll down to find the Delete this client toggle. 


When the Delete this client toggle is  “ON”, The system will run a system scan that detects the following items:

  • Member has outstanding and failed payments and debts.

  • Member has future scheduled sessions.

  • Member has account credits.

  • The client is set as Paid By for another client or by another client.

  • Member has unused packages or active packages with unused credits.

  • Member has an active membership.

  • If any of these are true a pop-up alert box will appear and alert the user that the client needs to settle something from the list, to proceed. 




As seen above ​​​​​the alert that pops up will be titled “Account deletion checklist “ with a clickable “X“.

- The following text will appear: “Can not delete this account until the following list of items has been resolved


- When the user clicks the “X“ he will be returned to the Delete the account section, and the window will be closed with the toggle is set back to “OFF

- Once the scan results are all false, no pop-up box appears and the “Delete the client“ button is revealed.



When the user clicks the Delete this client button, a box with ”< clients name> account deletion confirmation” and a clickable “X“ will appear, this is the last time that the user can choose to back out before the irreversible deletion of the client's information!

Click the to leave this screen or click Confirm to finalise the deletion process. 


The following information is the clients info that is to be anonymised when a client's account is deleted.

  • First Name.

  • Last Name.

  • All address fields.

  • Email.

  • Password.

  • Embed and App access are denied, as PW are wiped and user name (email) is deleted.

  • DOB.

  • Gender.

  • Occupation.

  • Phone numbers.

  • Book a Buddy relationship.

  • Paid By relationship.

  • Medical information.

  • Stored payment method tokens.


Once the client's account has been anonymised, their anonymised profile enters into the client's record on the business interface under the title “Deleted Clients." Note: these accounts are read-only.


To allow the users and business owners to control who has the ability to delete client's information, we have implemented another barrier. Only admins have the ability to delete client's accounts.

  • To allow the admins to delete clients, they need to have permission in the Team Access Group  settings, the toggle appears under Team settings → Team Access Group → Access –> Administrator Access → “Delete Accounts“



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