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Mobile App Release Notes - June 2021
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Here are the IOS and Android release items for June 2021:

Deeplink CMS home banner to other locations to make package and membership purchases

Several of our customers have expressed interest in having a banner with a deep link which directs customers to a specific package/membership at any business location.

For example: Customer logs into the app and is at location A, the customer sees a promo banner for location D and clicks on the banner. The the customer is then directed to the membership at location D, to make the purchase.

Deeplink to Session Details page from any location within the Corporate. 

This will allow businesses to set up a direct link to specific session ID/ offering with the corporate locations from a banner  in the App.

Deeplink to change locations in the App.

We have provided a direct linking option to other locations within the app such that the user will not have to navigate to another location via the normal change location screen 

Spanish localization and flavoring

Your app can be configured to read in Spanish should you elect this setting. this will allow users who have their own phone displaying in Spanish to have a flavor and translated to Spanish experience. 

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