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Restrict Access to Bulk Edit Features
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On the heals of releasing Bulk Cancel Future Transactions, Bulk Extend Expiry Dates, and Bulk Cancel Sessions, we have added a layer of security and access to these features. When we initially released the Bulk edit features any Administrator role had access, now these feature may granted with permission or revoked with the Team Access Group configurations.


Here are the navigation paths to the respective Bulk Edit features.

Dashboard > Retail Dashboard > Bulk Cancel Future Transactions         

Dashboard > Retail Configurations > Bulk Extend Expiry Dates

Dashboard > Schedule > Bulk Cancel Sessions

 Instructions for use

Please navigate to Dashboard > Team Settings in the right hand drop down menu.



Once on the Team settings page, click the Team Access Group icon in the upper right.



Here in select a group to edit via the pencil icon.



Here you will find a configuration to toggle ON to allow this group to access and use the Bulk features of your choice, or leave toggled OFF to restrict use of the Bulk Edit features.


Click Save to apply changes.

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