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Client Contactless Check-in
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In response to Covid-19 facility protocols, we have introduced a new feature, Contactless Check-In. As a business owner, this new configuration and app tool will allow you to setup specific questions that must be answered to fulfil your location’s check-in process. Via your branded app, your clients then have an opportunity to check-in without direct contact on kiosk and barcode scanning devices.


Instructions for use

Branded App Set Up with Contactless Check:

If you want to enable Contactless Check-in within your branded app please contact your Account Manager to get you started.


Business view and process:

Follow the below step by step guide to set up Contactless Check-In within the Business Dashboard. 



Client view and process:

  1. Launch the app and log in.
  2. Click on the new QR code Icon in the top right…

       And give the app permission to access your camera.

  1. Scan the location QR code, as presented in the facility entrance.


  1. Answer the questions as presented and Agree to any Policies not yet reviewed.


The Check-in Button will not illuminate for interaction unless all policies and questions have been completed.


Two results are possible with every Contactless Check-in form review.

  1. The client will be displayed a message for Check-in Approval to which the system will then log their check-in just as it does for all other check-in paths.
  2. The app will display a See Associate message when all check-in conditions are not met. This option allows location employees to interact and determine if assistance is needed or if access to the facility is to be declined.



All check-ins via Contactless Check-in still record as they would if the check-in had been actioned via the Barcode scanner option or client Kiosk. General Check-ins will be recorded where appropriate as well as check-ins to client’s upcoming sessions with a start time within the next 2 hours.

You can expect a future enhancement of the Reports> Clients & Attendance> Client Check-ins Report to include the Contactless Check-in form questions and answers. 

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