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Configuring Triggered Push Notifications
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With the addition of specific and uniquely configurable Push Notifications, users can new set and edit the verbiage of automatic push notifications.



Click this link to see how to edit push notifications in Account Settings 


The default Notification verbiage is as follows:

Engagement | Birthday Message To Client

  • Title: Happy birthday <CLIENTFIRSTNAME>!

  • Message: The <BUSINESSNAME> team wish you a very happy day ahead!

Engagement | First Visit Anniversary

  • Title: Happy first year anniversat!

  • Message: It’s already been a year! Here is to crushing your fitness goals with the team at <BUSINESSNAME>!

Retail | Failed Payment Membership

  • Title: Failed Payment Alert

  • Message: Failed payment with <BUSINESSNAME>. Please contact us on <BUSINESSPHONE> to resolve.

Retail | Failed Payment Single

  • Title: Failed Payment Alert

  • Message: Notice of failed payment with <BUSINESSNAME>.

Retail | Membership Auto Renew

  • Title: Membership auto renew

  • Message: Your package <PACKAGENAME> has been renewed with <BUSINESSNAME>. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Retail | Membership Cancelled

  • Title: Membership cancelled

  • Message: Your membership <PACKAGENAME> has been cancelled with <BUSINESSNAME>.

Retail | Membership Card Expiring

  • Title: Card expiring soon

  • Message: Card expiring with <BUSINESSNAME> shortly. Please get in contact with us at <BUSINESSPHONE>.

Retail | Membership Suspended

  • Title: Membership suspended

  • Message Your membership <PACKAGENAME> has been suspended with <BUSINESSNAME>.

Retail | Session Credits Running Low

  • Title: Credits running low

  • Message: Package credits running low with <BUSINESSNAME>. Purchase in the app, visit our website or contact us here <BUSINESSPHONE> to purchase new package.

Schedule | Reservation Reminder

  • Title: Booking reminder

  • Message: Reminder: <SESSIONNAME> at <STARTTIME> on <STARTDATE>. We are looking forward to seeing you then!

Schedule | Reservation Reminder (Zoom Enabled)

  • Title: Booking reminder

  • Message: Reminder: <SESSIONNAME> at<STARTTIME> on <STARTDATE>. Join this session live direct from your app.

Schedule | Teacher Sub Notification

  • Title: Teacher sub


Schedule | Waitlist Spot Available

  • Title: Waitlist spot available

  • Message: A place is available for <SESSIONNAME> on <STARTDATE> at <STARTTIME>. Confirm you booking in app.

Schedule | Waitlist Spot Confirmed

  • Title: Waitlist spot confirmed

  • Message: You're in! <SESSIONNAME> on <STARTDATE> at <STARTTIME>.

Edits to the verbiage can be made by clicking the edit icon to the right of each line item:


Users can edit the text boxes to alter the title and message:


Some examples of how the Push Notifications will display on Android and IOS devices:


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