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Embed Widget - Packages
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Embed Widget - Stand Alone Packages

Use Case:

“As a business user, I want to share a direct link on my website to a specific package or membership, so that my clients and members may purchase directly without having to select from a list. "

We released the updated V2 Package Widget feature whereby you may link directly to a page or modal view a Stand Alone package. 


Directions for use:

Navigate to Edit Profile > Website Embed > toggle ON the Try Beta Widget Code > select Packages and then choose either the Page or Model view before copying the code to your website builder. 


When selecting the Pageview these will be your options:




When selecting Modal view you will have a few more optional embed elements to use:


Selecting appropriate element from the following options will change the generated code as follows :

 Button element(<button>) 




Span element(<span>)




Div element(<div>) 



Anchor element(<a>) 



Paragraph element(<p>) 



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