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Changing Future Bookings to Pending after Membership Cancellation
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Customers have reported that when cancelling a recurring membership, with future bookings paid by credits, that all of the future bookings continue to be paid via the cancelled membership in question, even after the cancellation date.


As a means to resolve this situation the system will now mark these sessions as 'Pending Payment'. These sessions will not continue to be paid via credits of the cancelled membership.  In saying that, as an administrative user you will still have the option to cancel the bookings, if desires, at the time of cancelling the membership. 


Below is the updated workflow and expected system behaviours:


Navigate to your client record in Dashboard > Clients > Membership tab

Select the Details Icon next to the membership you wish to cancel:




Click on the pencil icon next to Current Status to open the Update Recurring Payment screen:



Select Cancelled from the Update Status drop down menu, and fill in the Cancellation Reason and Cancellation Charge Amount , if these are apart of your account settings:



You will now see a dynamic list of future bookings, based on the Cancellation Start Date value, that the system will then update to Pending Payment once the Membership Cancellation is processed. 

In this example, all bookings beyond "today" are listed, as the default Cancellation Start Date is Immediately:



If you select On Date and change the Cancellation Start Date you will see a dynamic update and re-listing of the booked sessions available to be marked as Pending Payment.  In the following example, I have selected June 30th as the Cancellation date because this client pays monthly on the first of the month, therefore his account is paid for the month of June. He will therefore have access to the club until the 30th and the system will only mark sessions booked from July 1st as Payment Pending. 




Note: as mentioned above you as a business user still have the option to cancel the booked sessions simply by selecting the check boxes next to each session. This means there will be no pending payments for sessions remaining on the account. This function is unchanged with this update though the verbiage has been updated for a clearer definition of the actions. 



Click Update Status button to complete all actions. 



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