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Capture Digital Signature for Agreements On Business Device
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In Retail Payments when a new sale is processed the business can elect to capture a signature digitally for the agreement and terms related to that Package or Membership. Previously all agreements had to be sent to the client and the business would have to wait for them to agree to the terms and conditions/policy before the package/membership could be finalised/activated. 

To best leverage this feature the business should be using a touch screen device. Though a computer with a mouse can be used, it is just important to note that the signature could be less authentic.


How to capture a digital signature at the time of a sale

On a business mobile device like a tablet, touch screen laptop or iPad, the Team Member will simply initiate a New Sale via Dashboard > Payments drop down menu:


Select the desired Package or Membership that you wish to sell. (Note: Packages and Memberships must have the Agreement enabled and verbiage added in their Retail Configuration Settings. 


In the Payments > New Sale screen, select your client and then add the membership or package(s) as required for the sale


Click the Checkout Button and proceed to select a Method of Payment: 


Once payment method is selected, scroll down to find the Display Policy and Collect Signature select box. When selected the the package policy will appear for the client to read as well as a signature box for them to sign via finger, stylus, or mouse. Once signed the client will need to click I Agree.


Note: the I Agree button cannot be used to proceed until the Signature has been entered.


Once all agreements have been signed the Pay Securely button will appear to process the payment.


This entire process can be aborted if the user simply clicks the X on the upper right to which the Team member can select a different form of payment or another option to collect signature.


Copies of the agreement(s) signed will be sent to the member (if configured) via email and the packages and memberships sold are updated and available for review on the client record.



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