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Waitlist Overview
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What is a Waitlist?
A waitlist is a list that clients can join when class bookings have reached capacity. If a confirmed booking, cancels theit position in the class a client on the waitlist can then be offered the spot. 

How do the Waitlists work within Hapana Core? 
For classes where a waitlist is configured and bookings are full, an option will appear to Join Waitlist. When a confirmed spot within the class becomes available the first client on the class waitlist will either be offered the spot via sms/email or they will be automatically added to the session booking without the need for acceptance on the client's end (dependent on configured settings). At the time of securing a position in the booked session a class credit will be deducted. 

For classes where Auto-Confirm Waitlist is disabled, the waitlist client needs to confirm the Waitlist Spot available by clicking the link, sent via email or sms, within a 2-hour window. If the client doesn't confirm the waitlist Spot Available in the specified 2-hour window, the next client on the waitlist will receive the waitlist spot available notification to be confirmed in the 2-hour window, and so on and so forth. 


Use the below step by step guide to configure your business' waitlist settings.


Use the below step by step guide to enable manual movement of clients from waitlist to class booked. 

Use the below step by step guide to enable/disable waitlists and set waitlist size within Schedule Templates.


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