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October 2023 | Product Updates and Release Notes
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V2 Embed Package widget updates. 

We are very excited to have updated the V2 Embed Packages Widget where by the following enhancements have been made.  


The Embed Package widget has a new option to display the Package Description versus the current Expiration and Terms details. 

This feature provides our Brands the option to continue to display the package and membership terms and expiration or the new option of Package Description.

Please get in touch with Support or your Account manager to make this change. 


The Embed Package widget purchase and enrolment flow has a brand-new interface. 

Our goal with this redesign was to create a client user flow that provides step-by-step feedback during the purchase sequence. This new flow will be present for both current and new clients. Our new journey starts with the same widget package display. When a web user clicks into a package or membership, we will present the following screen.



As your client fills out the enrolment form they will be presented with the configured Policies to checkmark and agree. A client can click the policy titles and review the "fine print".



As a second step, your client will fill out the additional information you have configured, including those set as required. 



In Step 3, the new client is logged in and is presented with the review page for the package or membership they selected




Step 4 is the Agreement Step which has a full presentation of your agreement document as configured in Core. Your client can scroll to review and then is prompted to sign to move forward to the final steps. 



Step 5 is the Checkout screen. Here your client will enter a new form of payment or confirm one on file. They can also enter promo codes, redeem gift cards and use account credit towards the purchase. 




Once the Card or Bank account (per your configurations) are added, the Buy button is revealed to complete the purchase. Upon completing the purchase process, your client will see this Confirmation Message. 



Renaming "All Transactions" report as "Net revenue + In Processing."

We have renamed the All Transactions report in preparation for a true all transaction report (coming soon) we recognised that a better label for this report is Net Revenue + In Processing Transactions.





New Transactional information has been added to the Reports > Clients > Check-in Report.

As a means to provide more information about your client's check-in data, we have added a few more columns as requested. The following column headers and data details have been added as optional in this report:

  • Client ID - the internal unique identifier value that will never change. 
  • Tax - the tax rate at the time of purchasing the packages and credit used for this session
  • Package Type - Calling out if the credit used was from a membership or package


As a business user, you may elect these columns into this report via the Edit Reports Settings option.



Support for Topaz Signature pads has been added to our software.

Topaz is a leading provider of signature devices and tools for capturing digital signatures on many platforms. Topaz today only supports a PC integration, they do not support MAC/ APPLE desktops. To learn more about what devices are supported and how to install them on your non-touchscreen workstations, click here.  


Enlarging the Signature capture space in New Sale > Agreement Signature capture.

We are providing an option for MAC desktop and small device users to enlarge the signature capture block during a NewSale > Membership with Agreement > Check-out. It has been suggested that a larger signature area will assist in client signature capture on smaller form factor devices as well as on MAC Desktops with trackpad devices that are not also touchscreen capable.

During the sale, when the agreement details are presented with a signature box, simply click the expansion arrows icon to go full screen for signature capture. Click Agree when completed. 


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