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Stripe - Create New Mandate for Direct Debits
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In this article, we will discuss the feature for business users to Create New Mandates on client records with Direct Debit as form of payment.


As context here is what Stripe has to say about BECS Direct Debit payment authorizations:


Stripe users in Australia can accept Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) Direct Debit payments from customers with an Australian bank account. As part of the payment process, businesses must collect a mandate that includes the customer’s bank account details (account holder’s name, the Bank-State-Branch or BSB number, and the bank account number) and the client, generally at sign up, must also accept the mandate Service Agreement. This gives the business an authorization to debit the account. Stripe can generate this mandate for businesses to present to their customers.


The goal was to develop a new feature for Stripe Express Connect accounts in our system. When a client with a Direct Debit transaction lacks a mandate, due a dispute or the mandate is receded from the original mandate sent upon client sign-up, this feature aims to streamline the mandate re-issuance process, ensuring efficient payment method validation and recovery. It should be irregular that you have to action this however Stripe does include a failed payment reason for lack of mandate, as this will be your most obvious prompt as a business user of Core to go and action this feature. 


Steps to use the new feature. 

When navigating to the Client section > look up and select a client record > you will see a new stylised M next to the Card / Payment icon. The hover-over shows that this is to "Create a new mandate".



As a business user, click on this icon and you will be prompted to confirm your selection:



Click Confirm and the new mandate will be created. 


Our system generates a new email to the client letting them know we have created the mandate on their behalf. Included in the email is a hyperlink for the client to see in Stripe their own mandate agreement. There is no action the client has to take. 



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