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Clients Booked into Multiple Classes
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Is there an easy way to identify clients who have booked into multiple classes on one day?

Resolution: Unfortunately, we do not have a report that displays clients that are booked in future classes, this can only be viewed in each individual profile. 

If you know the client you want to check for multiple class bookings, you can check all their future class bookings via the steps in this link. 


If you just want to see if anyone has booked multiple classes in a given day, you will need to manually go through each class list. This can be done via the Schedule. If you are going to do it this way, we suggest that you open each class for the day in a separate tab, this will allow for an easy click through each session. Moreover, you also have the option to print out the class list for each class. This can be done by clicking the print icon in the session view, as seen in the screenshot below. 

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