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Reason for payment failure when sufficient funds available
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Please Note: a client's failed payment fees are beyond Hapana, EZYPay or other gateways control

If it appears that there are sufficient funds in the client’s account, the following reasons could be leading to the failed payments

1. The Client has pending transactions that are yet to be processed
2. The Client has exceeded their daily debit limit
3. The Client happened to deposit the funds after the payment has been attempted (beginning of the business day)
4. The Client’s bank account has a ‘minimum balance requirement.’ This ‘minimum balance’ needs to be available in the account post the deduction.

Recommendations to help improve this:
1. Set the client’s payment cycle to the day after they get paid.
2. In regards to Insufficient funds: advise the member/cardholder to contact their bank as to why the debit was rejected, despite there being enough funds in the account.

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