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Troubleshooting - Duplicate payments receipts
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Scenario: A client has received two identical emails with payment receipts, does this mean they have been double charged. 


  • Check the client’s Payment History via their profile in Core to identify whether there has been a double charge. 

  • If two payments have been processed on the same day (Date Processed column) check the Invoice Date column to determine whether they are the same invoice and not two separate invoices. Note if there is an invoice that has had a failed payment, the charge could just be a reattempt of a previous invoice that has happened to be processed on the same day of another invoice. 

  • The other way to check if the same invoice has been charged twice is by looking at the invoice number on the email receipts. If they are the same it could be because the bank takes 3-5 business days to move a payment from pending to approved and therefore the receipt has been sent once when the payment has been attempted and once when the payment has  been approved on the bank’s end. To confirm this is the case simply ask the client to check their bank account and ensure only one charge is visible.

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