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What to do - Client Reports Overcharge
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Sample Scenario: A new client signed up for a trial and was charged $51.00, even though they should have only been charged $29 for the trial. They have sent us a screenshot of their account to show the $51 charge but we cannot find this charge on the CRM.


Step 1: Check for Failed Payment History Report

Step 2: Check what your studio’s failed payment fee is with the payment gateway


Unfortunately, failed payments are not within Hapana or Ezypay's control.

The most common reason behind failed payments is ‘insufficient funds.’

While it appears there are funds in the account, it may fail for one of these reasons:

1. The member has pending transactions that have not been processed within their bank account
2. The member has exceeded their bank/card account’s daily debit limit
3. If the member-only happened to deposit the funds, into the account after the deduction was attempted (beginning of the business day)
4. Some bank accounts have a minimum balance policy where after any given transaction a certain amount of funds must still be available otherwise the payment will fail. 

Recommendations to help minimize the chances of failed payments due to insufficient funds:

  1. Set up the client’s billing date for the day after they get paid

  2. If none of the above reasons fit your client’s circumstances, ask them to contact their bank to ascertain why the debit was rejected despite there being enough funds in the account.

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