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February 2024 | Product Updates and Release Notes
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We are excited to list the following new release items.


Critical Comms | Core configured Triggered Email and SMS message Updates

Critical Comms are the Core configured Triggered Email and SMS messages that are sent to clients regardless of their client Opt in / Out settings.  We have added a few new items.


The following items have now been added: 

  • Admin | Welcome Email to Client (already registered)
  • Admin | Welcome Email to Member
  • Retail | Failed Payment Membership
  • Retail | Failed Payment Single
  • Retail | Package Agreement
  • Schedule | Waitlist Spot Confirmed


Here is the complete list of Critical Comms for your reference. 


Triggered Message Sends Email Sends SMS  
Admin | Welcome Email to Client (already registered) Yes NA  
Admin | Welcome Email to Member Yes NA  
Retail | Email to the recipient of the gift card Yes NA  
Retail | Failed Payment Membership Yes Yes  
Retail | Failed Payment Single Yes Yes  
Retail | Gift Card Failed Payment Yes NA  
Retail | Gift Card Payment Receipt Yes NA  
Retail | Package Agreement Yes NA  
Retail | Payment Receipt Yes NA  
Schedule | Cancel Client From Single Session/Class Yes Yes  
Schedule | Delete Client From Recurring Session/Class Yes NA  
Schedule | Delete Client From Single Session/Class Yes NA  
Schedule | Waitlist Spot Available Yes Yes  
Schedule | Waitlist Spot Confirmed Yes Yes  















Reports | Session Credits Remaining Update

Navigate to Core > Reports > Financial > Session Credits Remaining

The following columns have now been added to this report. 

Client ID - The system's unique identifier for the client's record

Purchase Date - Date of invoice/ purchase

Tax - Tax rate as a percentage value as configured at the time of purchase





Team Access Administrator Setting Updates | Restrict the ability to edit 'Dishonour Fees' 

We have added a new Team Access setting. Navigate to in Team Settings > Team Access Groups > Administrator Type > Retail Tab.

This new toggle is released in the ON position so as to not disrupt current user operations. 

If a Business would like to restrict a Core user, who has 'Administrator' access, from having the ability to makes edits/remove dishonor fees from a Failed Payment in Retail Dashboard, simply toggle this off.


  • The user will need to log out and back in for the new permission to take effect. 
  • The dishonor fee interface is only available for businesses configured with the New Stripe Connect Express or FatZebra processing. 




Session Types | Creating Multiple Workshop Session Types

We have enhanced the 'Schedule' and 'Session Type' configurations to solve the following business problems and recognize the following Use Case.

Previously, Core only allowed for one 'Workshop' Session Type. 

Use Case:
As a business owner, I need to set up separate workshops for clients versus instructor trainees. These workshops require different pricing, credit allocations and user accessibility based on the client type. On the schedule these bookings need to be displayed separately based on workshop session type. 

New Update:
Core now allows business owners to create more than one 'Workshop' Session Type.

For the User setup guide, Click here. 



Introducing the 'All Invoices' Report!

Get ready for a comprehensive overview of all your transactions in one place. Our latest iteration of the 'All Transactions' report brings you even more functionality and clarity.

What's new:

  • Inclusion of Failed Payments: Now, failed payments are included in the report, giving you a complete picture of your transaction history.

  • Additional Column Data: We've added more columns to enhance your analysis, including an Invoice # column for quick reference and audit.

  • Improved Date Filtering Logic: Filter transactions based on the original Invoice due date, ensuring accurate insights into your financial data.

Key Features:

  • Transaction Categorization: The Transaction Category column now displays POS categories for invoice items or Package Categories for packages and memberships, making it easier to understand your transactions.

  • Original Invoice Creation Date: The invoice date column shows the original creation date of the transaction, providing valuable context.

  • Flexible Date Range Filter: Select dates past and future with ease, allowing you to tailor the report to your specific needs.

Understanding Payment Status:

  • The report lists invoices chronologically based on the Invoice creation date or future invoice creation date when applicable.

  • Payment statuses include:

    • Revenue: Paid

    • In Processing: Sent for processing

    • Failed: Unpaid

    • (Pending) Future Unpaid

    • Outstanding: Incomplete and not yet paid

    • Suspended

    • Canceled

    • Failed and Canceled

    • Refunded

    • Partially Refunded

Additional Enhancements:

  • Failed Reason Column: Easily identify why a payment failed with the new Failed Reason column.

  • Invoice Last Update Date: The Payment Date column is now renamed as "Invoice Last Update," reflecting the last update date for each line item.


Experience streamlined insights and improved clarity with the 'All Invoices' Report. Access it via your Core Platform under Reports > Financial > All Invoices.





Update to Membership End Dates | The current expiration of memberships, without a set end date, will change from 12/31/25 to 'unending'. 

Currently the Core system displays the date of 12/31/2025 for all memberships with no term/configured end date. 

We will be updating all UI and reporting to display "Unending" for memberships with no end date.




Change to Membership Cancellation  Process within a Suspension Period

Currently, the system allows for a Membership Cancellation to be within a preconfigured Suspension Period. This caused undue confusion in auditing and reporting. Therefore, we will now prompt the business user to confirm that the cancellation date is within the suspension period and as such the suspension end date will be automatically moved to be the day prior to the new cancellation date. This will ensure that suspension reporting and cancellation reporting run and display correctly. 




Bulk Update Allocation Dates on a Client's Membership.

Ideally, a client's billing cycle (ie. payment dates) aligns with the dates to which they are allocated new credits. If for any reason a client's record has become misaligned, this tool will allow the business user to reallocate credit periods for the remainder of the membership.


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