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The 'All Invoices' Report
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Introducing the 'All Invoices' Report!

Get ready for a comprehensive overview of all your transactions in one place. Our latest iteration of the 'All Transactions' report brings you even more functionality and clarity.

What's new:

  • Inclusion of Failed Payments: Now, failed payments are included in the report, giving you a complete picture of your transaction history.

  • Additional Column Data: We've added more columns to enhance your analysis, including an Invoice # column for quick reference and audit.

  • Improved Date Filtering Logic: Filter transactions based on the original Invoice due date, ensuring accurate insights into your financial data.

Key Features:

  • Transaction Categorization: The Transaction Category column now displays POS categories for invoice items or Package Categories for packages and memberships, making it easier to understand your transactions.

  • Original Invoice Creation Date: The invoice date column shows the original creation date of the transaction, providing valuable context.

  • Flexible Date Range Filter: Select dates past and future with ease, allowing you to tailor the report to your specific needs.

Understanding Payment Status:

  • The report lists invoices chronologically based on the Invoice creation date or future invoice creation date when applicable.

  • Payment statuses include:

    • Revenue: Paid

    • In Processing: Sent for processing

    • Failed: Unpaid

    • (Pending) Future Unpaid

    • Outstanding: Incomplete and not yet paid

    • Suspended

    • Canceled

    • Failed and Canceled

    • Refunded

    • Partially Refunded

Additional Enhancements:

  • Failed Reason Column: Easily identify why a payment failed with the new Failed Reason column.

  • Invoice Last Update Date: The Payment Date column is now renamed as "Invoice Last Update," reflecting the last update date for each line item.


Experience streamlined insights and improved clarity with the 'All Invoices' Report. Access it via your Core Platform under Reports > Financial > All Invoices.

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