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April 2024 | Product Updates and Release Notes
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  • Do not allow Membership Cancellation for a date within a Suspension period without modification of the Suspension end date.
  • Check-In Sounds for V1 Barcode
  • Account Settings | Billings Tab to include SMS credit purchase interface.
  • EZYPAY locations - Allow Account Credit use during Retry Payment.


Membership Cancellations and Suspensions | Do not allow membership cancellations for a date within a suspension period without modification of the suspension period end date.

Use Case

As a business user, I need to set a membership to 'cancelled', even if it is already in the suspension status so that all mechanisms, reports and processes are fulfilled for the cancellation. 

Business Problem to solve:

Prior to this enhancement, any membership cancellation, within a suspension period, did not update the ending date of that suspension period to be the day prior to the cancellation This resulted in overlap and in turn, reporting errors. Our goal in this update is to align the NEW ending of the suspension period to be the day prior to the selected cancellation so that both suspension reporting and cancellation reporting do no overlap and are therefore as accurate as possible. 


Users can navigate to Clients > Search and select the desired client > Payment Tab > Membership Tab > Select to view the relevant membership via the eyeball icon > Recurring Payment Detail page.

During the cancellation process, if the business user selects a date for cancellation within a set suspension period, the system will prompt the user with a warning to confirm the change in suspension period and the execution of the cancellation. 

“This membership is still in suspension on the date you have selected. Please confirm that you wish the client to be canceled on the date you have selected.” 


Both statuses will display for Suspension and future Cancellation as seen below. 




Barcode Check in URL | Check-In Sounds 

Use Case

As a business user, I want to hear different sounds for green, yellow and red check-ins so that I can be attentive to clients who require assistance. 

Business Problem to solve:

The Check-in module today does not provide any sort of audio feedback during the check-in process.


In Account Settings > Configuration > Business Profile there is a new toggle to enable Check-in Sounds for the Barcode Check-In (kiosk) URL. 

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Here Users may configure the 'Enable Check-In Sound Alerts' setting to 'Yes' to hear sounds during the use of the Barcode Check-in URL found in Account Settings > Configuration 





Account Settings | Billings Tab to include 'SMS credits' purchase interface.

SMS credit purchase management has returned to Core! This enhancement brings back the interface for business users to purchase SMS credits. 


Team Access Administrators may navigate to Account Settings to view the tab named SMS Credits. Here, the user may click Edit to purchase more SMS credits.

Please note: if you do not see the SMS Credits tab in your Core account please contact [email protected]



EZYPAY Locations | Allow 'Account Credit' use for 'Retry Payment'

We've discovered that when a payment fails and we try again, there's a difference in how we handle it depending on whether the payment method involves using account credits or not. For a payment system called EZYPAY, if account credits are involved, we have to keep track of those credits and apply them again if the payment fails. This is because during the retry, the total amount requested should match exactly what was originally requested. So, we've adjusted our system to make sure the same amount of account credits is automatically used during the retry. These account credits aren't given back to the customer right away if the payment fails; instead, they're held until the payment is either cancelled or successfully completed. If the payment is cancelled, then the customer gets their account credits back. However, if a payment using account credits is completed and then refunded, the process remains the same – the user can choose to get their refund in cash or have the amount returned to their account credits.

But for other payment processors like Stripe, the retry process might not follow the same rules. With Stripe, the retry attempt might involve different payment options or amounts, and may not include account credits at all.

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