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November 2020 | Product Updates and Release Notes
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Retail Configurations | Adding new Billing Types

Users can now navigate to Payments > Retail Configurations  > Retail Settings > Additional Billing Types in order to add additional Billing Types.





Users can now also edit the standard Billing Type descriptions, such as changing Pay As You Go to "Pay Later" 



All additional Payment Methods/ Billing Types will subsequently display in all checkout areas for user selection, as well as, be viewable on the client/business transactions screens and in the financial reports. 







Pay as you Go | Improved User Flow Efficiency 

When a user completes a PAYG (Pay as you Go) Billing Type at the point of sale, the system will prompt for the first partial payment rather than having to navigate to the Sales Dashboard to find the transaction manually. 






Staff Utilization Report| Event Time and Event Room Columns

A column for both Event Time and Event Room have now been add to the Staff Utilization Report. To locate this report navigate to Reports > Staff > Staff Utilization Report. 



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