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January 2020 [2] | Product Updates and Release Notes
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Schedule | Moving From Waitlist To Booked - Time Restriction

Use Case

  • As a studio owner, I wish to set the cut-off time for automatic promotions so that waitlist clients are not promoted to 'Booked' at the last minute or without enough warning. 

  • Clients are being notified, as late as, a few minutes before the commencement of class, that they were promoted to 'Booked' but do not have enough time to arrive for the session.

Feature details:

In an attempt to prevent last minute promotions of clients from Waitlist to Booked, we have created a configuration allowing the business to determine the cut-off for automatic waitlist promotion.

Studios may now align their waitlist promotions with their bookings cut-off. By default, this configuration is set to zero, businesses are encouraged to immediately set the cut-off to a more reasonable timeframe so as to provide clients ample time to arrive for the class.


Account Configuration | Selecting a Team Member as the Salesperson on Checkout

Use Case

  • As a team member, I need to select another team member as the salesperson for a particular sale, to ensure reporting is accurate and the right team member receives the commission/credit. 

Feature details:

Located in Dashboard > Account Settings > Configuration > Business Profile > you will find a new configuration labeled: “Allow Change of Process By value of sale” and a yes / no selector.

By default, this is set to 'NO':

When configured to 'YES' team members may select other active team members during a Sale so they may get the commission and sale credit for the transaction:

The user simply needs to select an alternate Team Member during the sale and click Add to Cart.

Complete the transaction as you do today, and the Sales reports will indicate those who are credited the sale


Team Access Configuration | Hide Dashboard Revenue stats and Retail Revenue Snapshot

Use Case

As a studio owner, I want the option to hide financial data from my team members view.

Feature details:

This update allows access configurations to include hiding financial data.

  • Navigate to Team Settings via the menu in the top right of your dashboard

  • Select Team Access Groups and then select or create an access group for Managers.

  • In the configuration of areas and access, leave the Display Revenue and Retail Snapshot unchecked as this will remove the Dashboard display of the Revenue box that normal display on the location Dashboard.



Gift Cards | System to pre-check "Send recipient gift card vie Email" during Gift Card sales

Use Case

  • As a business owner, I need my clients to know and receive their gift card ID #s and details so that they can easily redeem them.

Feature details:

In both the business view and the client web view, the Send Recipient gift card via Email option is pre-selected in an effort to increase the probability that clients receive their gift card ID# and details immediately following the sale.


Client Profile | Remove Client Credit Card details

Use Case

As business owner I need to be able to remove invalid client credit card information and replace it with a valid form of payment.

Feature details:

Previously, credit/debit card details once entered could not be removed from a client's account, they could only be updated. Businesses are now able to remove a card from the client's record.


Reporting | Session Count added in Subtotal Payroll Reports

Feature details:

In the Payroll report the "Subtotal" column, now has a total for "Session Count" (total number of sessions per team member per session type). This allows for clarity if the team member had multiple types of session, providing a subtotal per type and a total of all sessions


Corporate Dashboard | All Members Report - allow multiple location selection

Use Case

  • As a business owner, I may need to include more than one location in my Corporate Dashboard All Members Report.

Feature details:

When selecting Reports > All Member Report the user can select more than one location to be included in the report. When multiple locations are selected in the report filter the report shall list details with a location column indicator.

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