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April 2020 | Product Updates and Release Notes
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Team Access Configuration | Restrict access to the new Bulk Edit features

We have taken an opportunity to add Group access restrictions to the bulk edit features released last week.

Add Group Column to Bulk Edit Future Transactions

We have responded to the request to  add the Groups label as a column to the report preview an the export CSV file.



Reporting | Cancellation Report

As club or studio operator, it will be important for you to have detailed reporting on all classes that have been cancelled individually or in bulk. This report will provide a precise list of dates, times, costs, clients booked, clients on waitlist who paid, and who will be refunded credits as a result of the cancellation.


Corporate Dashboard | Push Notification Broadcast

Providing you with a means to communicate quickly and effectively to  your clients and members , this new Corporate Dashboard feature functions much like the Locations Dashboard > Send Message - Push notification but sends to all members of all locations within  your corporation.

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