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May 2024 | Product Updates and Release Notes
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Event Specific Policies | Classes, Privates and Workshops

Use Scenario

  • Clients are able to cancel themselves out of a workshop and get a refund because the workshop cancellation policy seems to be the same as the class cancellation policy. There’s no way to separate them. For Workshop cancellations we require 5 days notice for a refund but can’t enforce this. 

Use Case

  • The location needs to have separate cancellation policies for workshops, classes and privates in order to set different cancellation periods, according to the session category. 

  • The location needs to have the option to set cancellation periods to 'minutes prior' to the commencement of a session start time. 

The new interface allows Core Users (who have the relevant permissions) to configure separate business rules for late cancellations based on booking type: Classes, Privates and Workshops


To modify these setting, navigate to Core > Account Settings > Configuration > Business Profile > Edit and enter the 'UP TO' days, hours and minutes prior to a session’s start time in which a client can cancels without being marked as a late cancel.

As an example, the above settings for Workshops reads as ' a Client may early cancel, up to 45 minutes prior to the workshop start date and time, otherwise they will be marked as a Late Cancel.' 

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