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The below updates to the Net Revenue Detail report focus on improving the clarity of time representation and enhancing the integration with Stripe Connect Express. Below are the detailed changes.

What's New

1. Time Format Update for Reports and CSV Exports

2. Addition of Payout ID in Net Revenue Reports


Overview - Time Format Update

The time format in critical reports, including "Net Revenue Detail" and "Payroll," as well as their CSV exports, has been updated from a 12-hour format without AM/PM specification to a 24-hour format. This change addresses the confusion caused by the previous format, enabling clear differentiation between morning and afternoon times.



  • Reports Affected: "Net Revenue Detail" and "Payroll"

  • Format Change: Times now appear in a 24-hour format (e.g., 04:00 for 4 AM and 16:00 for 4 PM)

  • CSV Export: The 24-hour time format is also applied to all CSV exports.

  • To view the changes to the Net Revenue Detail report, navigate to Core > Reports > Financial > Net Revenue Detail and the new time format will be visible under the column Payment date, with the date and time of the payment.

  • To view the changes to the Payroll report, navigate to Core > Reports > Staff > Payroll and the new time format will be visible under the column Start Date/Time, with the date and time of the session.



  • Eliminates confusion between AM and PM times.
  • Improves clarity and accuracy in data analysis and record-keeping.
  • Ensures consistency across all reporting outputs and exported data.




Overview - Addition of Payout ID 

Businesses using Stripe Connect Express integration need to verify that each transaction processed has been settled. To facilitate this, a new "Payout ID" column has been added to the "Net Revenue Detail" and "Net Revenue Detail + Processing" Reports.



  • New Feature: Option to add a "Payout ID" column in the "Net Revenue Detail" and "Net Revenue Detail + Processing" Reports by clicking Edit report settings and checking the box labeled 'Payout ID'. Click to Refresh Report and the column will now be displayed on the Report.
  • Selection: The Payout ID column can be toggled on or off in the Edit Report Settings.
  • Data Display: 
    Displays "blank" until the transaction is settled.
    Once settled, the Payout ID is shown, matching the data from the Stripe Settlement report.
  • CSV Export: The Payout ID column is included in the CSV export when selected.



  • Allows business owners and accounting personnel to verify that transactions are settled.
  • Enhances financial reconciliation processes.
  • Provides a clear linkage between processed transactions and their corresponding payouts.


These updates aim to enhance the usability and functionality of our reporting tools, ensuring our users can manage and analyze their data with greater accuracy and ease.


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