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CORE Home Dashboard Snapshots/Definitions
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Defining CORE Home Dashboard Snapshots


Below is descriptive information about the CORE Home Dashboard Snapshots:
Active clients: Count of total members who have an active membership/package.
The studio can view all clients who have an active membership/package by running the ‘Membership Details’ report and selecting the filter ‘Active’ and ‘Scheduled’ to extract the data.
Recurring BillingTotal count of unique clients that have a future payment date scheduled.
To extract the data of recurring billing clients from the report you can use the ‘Projected revenue’ report. Just go to the report and download the CSV file. Once downloaded go to the Excel file select the data column and remove duplicates by only selecting the full name and email address to get the total active users count, whose recurring payment is in a pending state and will execute in the future.
Currently, this is how the recurring billing number is calculated.
The following should help with understanding why the recurring billing number goes up and down and how you can identify the changes.
The base logic is the system is looking for the total count of unique clients that have a future payment date scheduled. Suspensions and how a membership is ending can affect this number.

  • Suspensions: if a member is on an unending suspension and you have not added in a recurring suspension fee they will not be added to the recurring billing count as they have no future invoices scheduled ( they all move from pending to suspended). If you have any pending payments on the membership they are counted. Once the suspension is lifted and a future payment falls back under a pending status that member will come back on the recurring billing count.

  • Membership completion can affect this number as well. If the last payment has been taken but the membership has not been completed then the membership will count as an active package but the number will fall off in the Recurring billing count. Until the membership completes,  the new membership from auto-renew is activated and the payment schedule is created.

Intro Offers: Total count of unique clients that are currently on an introductory offer


Active PackagesTotal count of unique clients that have a Session Package or Membership on Account

Total Contact: Total count of unique clients/contacts on the platform
Alumni: Total number of clients moved from Active to Alumni



Leads are the prospected clients that are being pursued by the studio management.
Active Leads: shows the total number of active leads for the studio
Inactive: This shows the total number of leads that are currently inactive or without any status movement

Total: shows the total number of active and inactive leads combined



You can choose to display the total number of sessions created for “This Week”, “Last Week” or for the “Last 30 Days” via the drop down menu located on the upper left corner of the snapshot box.
Session: This shows the total number of sessions held
CapacityShows the total number of member capacity for the sessions that were held for the week/previous week/last 30 days.
Bookedindicates the total number of members that successfully booked the sessions.
Attended: This shows the total number of members who actually attended their booked sessions on the entire calendar week.

Revenue: The revenue snapshot on the Dashboard displays the Net Revenue whereas sales by service display the gross revenue. In the Net Revenue report, we show the transactions processed through all payment methods except Account credits and ‘pay as you go’ and it only paid transactions.
Displays the total revenue generated. Can choose to show the revenue for the Current Day, This Week, Last Week, or the Last 30 Days.
Single revenue from single payment transactions, i.e. POS, Single Session Packages.
Recurringrevenue from recurring payments, i.e. Memberships.

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