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Understanding Suspensions
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When a membership or package is suspended:
-  The client will not be able to book classes with membership during the suspension period.
-  No payment will be charged for membership during the suspension period.
-  The client will be able to make bookings with the membership after the suspension period is over/completed.
-  The system will not delay or shift the scheduled invoice further. The invoice which falls during the suspension period will not be processed/executed. Therefore, you may need to pro rata the next scheduled payment, post the suspension period depending on the suspension period dates applied. 


Important Note: 

When a client's membership is on suspension, the invoices that fall within the suspension dates cannot be adjusted. Therefore if a partial payment is required for the suspension period or following the suspension period, you will need to adjust the next listed future payment schedule or manually add an additional payment schedule following the commencement of the suspension period. 


Please refer to the screenshot as an example of what we mean here.



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