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Google Tag Manager for Embed Widgets
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You can track custom events from Hapana website widgets to your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to define triggers that will identify the custom events placed in the Data Layer by the widgets.

Here is a list of events added to the data layer by Hapana widgets:

GTM Event GTM Label Action
hapana_button-loginorsignup Login or Sign up Login or Sign Up

Sign Up

Click on Sign up button from the Login or Sign up modal
hapana_signup-1 Form Open Click on Sign up button from the Login or Sign up modal (Form Open)
hapana_signup-2 Submit - Page 1 On filling the sign up form and click on submit button (Submit - Page 1)
hapana_signup-3 Submit - Page 2 On terms page, click on Next (Submit - Page 2)
hapana_signup-4 Submit - Page 3 On click of continue from Additional Info dialog (Submit - Page 3)
hapana_account-signup Sign Up On successful sign up
hapana_button-login Login Login Form - Enter Login credentials and click on Login button
hapana_account-login Login On successful Login
hapana_class-booking Class Booking Class Booking
hapana_package-purchase Package Purchase Package Purchase
hapana_account-reset Reset Password Reset Password


Package Purchase Event

The package purchase event also sends along additional information in the data layer as part of the transactionProducts :

  • sku (Package SKU)
  • name (Package Name)
  • category (Package Category)
  • price (Package Price)
  • quantity


GTM Trigger Examples

The following are examples of a login and a booking event trigger in Google Tag Manager.

Login Trigger

Booking Example


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