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Kiosk V2 Setup and User Guide
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How to set up and use your Kiosk V2 

Our kiosk solution is a Chrome browser-based solution, meaning it can be deployed on any device or tablet of your choosing. 

Navigate in your Business Dashboard to Account Settings > Integrations.

Look for the Kiosk settings in the list and toggle ON the Try Beta Version to reveal the Kiosk V2 configurations and launch interface. 



Toggle ON all desired fields. 


Your Kiosk URL will be displayed. Copy and paste or click the Open Kiosk button to launch the Kiosk site in a new browser tab. 




Clicking any of the modules will allow the system to request information from your clients starting with an email address. 



If the Email is present in our system we will prompt your client to enter a password to Log In. 




If the email is not found and your client is brand new, we'll continue through a registration process to collect at least a minimum amount of information and establish a client record 



Once the password is created, your client will be requested to review and mark as Agreed to all of your mandatory Policies. Users can click on the Policy name and link to review the details before clicking the box to agree. 




Users must check all list policies in order to activate the Create account Button to which the client can then click to continue.



The Kiosk will display the acknowledgment of account creation. 





*Note: Prior to utilising the Kiosk with a client for the first time, deploy the Kiosk and set it to Allow Chrome to use the onboard camera to capture the client's photos. 



Here is an example purchase sequence for a logged-in client:



Forgot Password Feature and Functions

Now users can leverage the Forgot Password interface when they do not have a password or cannot recall their current password. 


In the sequence to log in, users can click the Get help with signing in link, where they will be prompted to type in their account email address. 





A confirmation screen will alert them to enter the temporary password once the email has been reviewed:







Your client will then be prompted to set a whole new password and save:


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