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Cancelling a Membership

​​​​​​ 1. Go to the Client Section ![OFS_Client_tab.png][1] 2. Search the client name and select the client ![OFS_Choose_client.png][2] 3. Go to the Payment Tab ![Screen_Shot_2018-08-28_at_3.16.38_AM.png][3] 4. Go the Payments Table and select the Memberships Tab ![Screen_Shot_2018-08-28_at_3.22.18…

Cancelling Memberships and Marking Future Bookings Pending Payment

Customers have reported that when they are cancelling a recurring membership, with client future bookings against the credits, all of the future bookings continue to be paid via the cancelled membership, even after the cancellation date. As a means to resolve these sessions beyond the cancellation date, the system sh…

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